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NCR has been in the game for a long time (more than 130 years) and its success can be seen in many large and small business chains. NCR supports their retail and restaurant environments with app-based subscription software. Although NCR has in house hardware, business owners can take advantage of their new tablet devices with app based software. Prices and capabilities can vary depending on if you are retail or restaurant (see below). However, with NCR you are getting some of the best service, knowledge, and experience in the industry.  

NCR Silver 

NCR Silver is a single register system most ideal for small retailers and is a less expensive option over NCR Silver Pro. NCR can be used with a merchant supplied iPad Air, iPad Air 2, or iPad Pro. There is a NCR Silver Register available that includes an Android Tablet, but this is the only way the NCR Silver POS App can work on Android. The Silver Register can be hard wired or use WiFi. Businesses can have multiple registers in one location, but these registers do not interact with each other. The information, from each register, is consolidated in the back office. This system can read bar codes for retail.

Core NCR Silver Capabilities:

  • NCR's apps work on Apple iOS 8 devices, Apple iOS 9 devices and the NCR Silver Register all-in-one POS system on Android.

  • Multi-store Management & Consolidated Reporting

  • Employee Management

  • Inventory Management

  • 24/7/365 Concierge Customer Support

  • Email Marketing

  • Customer Loyalty

NCR Silver Pro

NCR Silver Pro is a cloud-based system that runs on iPads with a higher level of
functionality than NCR Silver POS. Using the NCR Silver POS software as a base, the Silver Pro adds key features including: Inclusive tax, table layout, credit card tabs, delivery/takeout order tracking, multi-station communication, and online ordering.

Restaurant edition Capabilities NCR Silver PRO

  • Table mapping

  • Built-in Loyalty: Retain customers through rewards, discounts, email marketing, and gift cards.

  • automatic discounts.

  • Inclusive Taxes

  • Easily split a bill for customers.

  • Takeout: Delivery and takeout orders are listed separately in their own queue.

  • Reporting: Analyze real-time sales, employee and inventory data, how long tickets have been holding, and more

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• Customer Loyalty Program - Social media ad share included in monthly license
• Inventory Management - Able to keep track of which items are best sellers
• Multi-Store Management
• Consolidated Reporting - Track sales and cash from all locations
• Advanced Security - Get fraud alerts and end-to-end payment encryption
• Employee Management - Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/out
• 24/7 Customer Care - Available through live chat, text, phone call, and email
• Email Marketing - Automated emails and discounts
• Unlimited Software Updates


• Events and Price List - Happy hour, weekly specials, schedule effective price dating
• Promotions - Can be time-based or triggered by bitton, scan, or auto-applied
• Takeout/Delivery - Manage all phone orders in a separate queue
• Print Order Mode, Target Time and Customer Info on Kitchen Order
• Advanced Modifiers - Prompt for required modifiers or optional modifiers
• Customizable User Roles and Pay Rates
• Multiple User Roles Per Employees
• Paycheck Export
• Split Checks By Seat or Equal Payment
• Floor Plan - Move party from one table to another, merge tables, and move individual
seats to another tab
• House Accounts
• Scale/Item Weight Interface
• Offline Mode Through Mac Mini

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